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Inexpensive Website Design and Content Management Systems

Content management systems, once designed and installed, will allow YOU to update and create new content for your site.

Prices from £300 for a 5 page site, including domain name registration and 1 years website hosting.

Pages can be planned and scheduled to appear automatically.

Got a new product launch - create the pages to start on the launch date, weeks in advance. Nothing will be seen on the web, until the launch date you specify.

Many users can have access to creating content.

Certain types of registered users can be allowed  to create new content and articles for your website. You as the administrator can then review these new pages and authorise their publication, so you are in full control of content.

Allow the public to automatically register.

With various types of login, it is possible to allow registered users to see extra content. Registration can be made automatic, with email verification to avoid spam. This can help create a list of users that like your site. It will allow you to collect their emails and send them updates and promotional information.

Lots of features.

Many other features can be added, allowing for example, a calender, videos, google adverts, banner management, polls, captcha on forms to stop spam, email lists for people to contact you, surveys, etc...

Search Engines - Submission and rankings.

When we design, create and maintain a website for you, we also take care of search engine submissions. We work closely with you to ensure your site reaches the highest possible position in the search engines. We include a full analytics and statistics package that allow you to SEE where your visitors come from, where they go on your site. This information helps to keep your site relevant to your visitors and move towards creating NEW relevant content.